Response to the poem Andrew Jackson

25 03 2008

In this poem Andrew Jackson, which is written by Martha Keller, the poem is about the great American war hero Andrew Jackson, in this poem that poet describes how Andrew was a man made of honor, and how his word was good, to me when they say that I believe that when they say he was a man made of honor I think that they are trying to say that he would do whatever he can to support his country. In addition when they say the he was a man whose word was good, I think that when they say this that they mean if you agree to Jackson to do something that means Jackson will do it. To me, the meaning of the poem is about how the poet is trying to describe how a good man Jackson really was. There are many poetic devices in this poem. The Rhyme Scheme of the first stanza is, A, B, A, and B, another example of a poetic device in this poem is Alliteration, “fiery fuel” found on line 21. In addition to alliteration there is also another poetic device, I also found simile, on the first line of the first stanza, “He was a man as hot as whiskey.” In this poem I found many things interesting not only interesting but just appealing to me, I like how the poet used metaphor to describe how good of a man Jackson really was, I also liked how hey used rhyme to make the poem sound much better and more interesting.


The Book That No One Can Put Down

12 02 2008

An impossible book to put down   

***** 5/5 Stars

 The Harry Potter series in my opinion are the best book, which is written by J.K Rowling. If you like magic and adventure this is the best type of book for you. Harry Potter was a boy who lived with aunt and uncle, until one day, Harry found out that he was a wizard. He then began to attend a school of magic which is named Hogwarts. The current Harry Potter book that I am reading is the third book. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is about a Prisoner, names Sirius Black, who escaped from the Prison of Azkaban and is now looking for Harry Potter so he can get his hands on him. But, the one thing I don’t really like about this book is about how Harry always gets into trouble. On the other hand one good thing about this book is how in the end of Harry Potter book, Harry safely manages to defeat his enemies.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

12 02 2008

Compare and Contrast the Johnny Tremian Movie and Novel

8 01 2008

In the move of Johnny Tremian, it was a lot different from the novel that we read in class. For example, there is NO Issanah, Dove, Dusty, Madge, Mr. Tweedie, Dorcas, and Pumpkin. In addition, in the book, it says that Rab is Black. But, in the movie he looks white. Also, in the Movie it shows us that Rab doesn’t die, and that he lives. But in the book they tell us that he dies. Also, one more thing, in the book it shows us, that Johnny stayed in his hometown and didn’t go to Lexington. But in the movie it shows us that he went to Lexington and helped kill redcoats. In addition, in the novel, it tells us that goblin, the horse, is white. But in the movies they show him as black.          Well in the movie there weren’t many things that were familiar. Well, in the movie and novel Johnny burned his hand. They also started dumping tea out into the harbor. They also used two lanterns. They also had the cup that his mother gave him. In addition they both told about when he showed Cilla the cup.           

Dream Vacation and the Reality

6 01 2008

 To be honest I don’t really have dream vacation I would just rather stay home and play runescape! (For more information go to So, that actually really is my dream vacation. But that’s never going to happen. The reality of my vacation was spending time with my family in Lebanon for x – Mas and New Year. Plus, going shopping which I really hate, and playing video games. This does not include runescape. L

Losses and Gains of War

3 12 2007

In the movie The Patriots, Mel Gibson’s character experienced first hand of war. To me, I believe that he gained freedom and independence and his daughter’s voice back. But, he also in another way he did lose something. He lost to of his oldest sons. One shot, and one stabbed. Both killed by the same man. Not only did he lose his two oldest sons, he lost a house, which burned down into ashes, his daughter in-law. But Truly I think the gains really did out weigh the lost. Freedom is far more valuable then a house and furniture. But it is not more valuable then a father’s sons’. Therefore, you can’t really decide weather which outweighed which. It all depends on your perspective.        

Patriots Own and British Falls

16 11 2007

It was in the year of 1781 and the Patriots were battling dreadfully against the British. They were low on ammunition and soldiers. The soldiers’ spirits and hope took a downfall after they discovered that there must gifted officer has turned traitor. Benedict Arnold, somehow felt that the Continental Congress weren’t fulfilling his needs. Thinking that the Great Britain would fulfill his needs in money and happiness, he then turned traitor. Later on, British general Charles Cornwallis moved his forces down into Yorktown, Virginia. This is where General Cornwallis prepared to attack the small Patriots forces. While General Washington was in New York, there he and the French general Comte de Rochambeau planned a strategy. As they reached Yorktown, they surrounded Cornwallis with an army of 16,000 soldiers. This was almost 3 times as much as Cornwallis army. After holding Yorktown under siege, the British defenses were very slim. The British tried to rescue Cornwallis army, but the French forces fled them away. Planning for a big attack, the British surrendered. The British then marched out of Yorktown in defeat. Then in June 1781, the Congress began peace offers with the British. This action took two years for an agreement. In this new agreement it allowed the United States to set new nation borders. And it allowed them to trade with other nations.